If you’re legally married to a Thai citizen you can apply for a one-year Non-immigrant visa “O” (based on marriage), often wrongly referred to as “marriage visa” (while it is actually an “extension of stay based on marriage”). To qualify for this type of visa, your marriage needs to be officially registered in Thailand a mere ceremonial marriage at a temple or a “common law” marriage is not recognized by the Thai government or family courts.

The first is to apply for a Non-Immigrant O Visa (marriage visa) prior to arrival in Thailand, which will allow you to stay for 90 days. The second approach is to enter Thailand on a 60-day tourist visa* and then change your status. Subject to meeting certain criteria, there is a procedure by which you can then extend your stay in 12 monthly increments on the basis of your marriage.

Asset and income requirements also apply, and these are simply to ensure that you can adequately support yourself and your spouse, and will not become a drain on the Thai community.

You must be able to verify that you hold :

  • Can deposit 400,000 Thai baht in a savings or a fixed deposit account in a Thai bank and leave it there for 2 months before you apply for your first visa and three months before applying for each consecutive visa.
  • You can show an income of 40,000 Thai baht per month by obtaining a letter of confirmation from your associated Embassy,
  • This must be the foreign man’s own income, it cannot be a joint income or the wife’s income. It should not be paid into a joint account.
  • If you are a foreign lady married to a Thai man then there is no financial requirement for your extension of stay.

Please complete the form on this page for a NON O Visa.  We will contact you as soon as possible to discuss in detail.

The price for Marriage Visa / NON O Visa for Thailand

Marriage Visa (Starting from)7,000


Just supply us with all of the above and we will take care of it for you. You can hand the required documentation into our office in Pattaya

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Current Visa Status

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Documents required for Marriage Visa / NON O Visa

  1. Your passport, your wife’s passport, and copies
  2. Husband/Wife’s ID card
  3. Husband/Wife’s household registration AKA tabian baan
  4. Children’s birth certificates if available
  5. Your legal marriage certificate
  6. Bankbook in Thailand showing funds of 400,000 Thai baht or a letter from your Embassy showing income of 40,000 Thai baht per month.
  7. Letter from your Thai bank confirming your funds
  8. Drawn location map of your residence
  9. Proof of where you reside with your husband/wife, if you rent you need a copy of the ID card and the household registration of the owner
  10. 2 photographs together inside your home
  11. 2 photographs outside the home showing the house or condo number



Immigration DepartmentPrice/thb
NON B Visa (Non Immigrant Visa In Thai Immigration)23,000
1 Year Business-Visa7,000
Retirement Visa & Renew Retirement Visa (Starting from)7,000
NON O Visa (Starting from)7,000
Marriage Visa (Starting from)7,000
Education Visa / Student Visa / ED Visa (Starting from)13,000
Continue Tourist Visa for 30 Days ( Only for TR hold a 60-day visa into the country)3,500
Continue Of Staying Longer than 90 Days500
Re-Entry Multiple5,000
Re-Entry Single2,000
Residence Certificate1,000
Apply Travelling Abroad-Visa Fee (Excluding Visa Fee) 15,000
Renew Passport ( Only English and Iceland) only Service fee not include Passport application fee 5,000
Visa Translation Services
English Document Translation
400-500 thb
France Document Translation
1000 thb
Bench Warrant Translation

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