How to Get a Thai Residence Certificate in Pattaya

There are some procedures in Thailand such as obtaining a Thai driving licence which require you to present a residence certificate to prove your address.

A residence certificate is an official one page document that states you are living in Thailand. It formally recognizes your current home address (permanently or semi-permanently), whether it be a house, apartment, or long-term stay at guesthouse or hotel. It’s a necessary document if you want to buy a vehicle in Thailand, get a Thai driver’s license, and sign up for a Thai bank account. Any place that will request a proof of where you live. Embassies can also require that document to show that you live in Thailand.

To prove your residence in Pattaya you will need a house registration. If you do not have a house registration you will need to apply for a Proof of Residence Certificate for each occasion that you need to provide proof.

Thai Residence Certificate in Pattaya/Jomtien Immigration

You will need to take with you the following items:

  • 2 Colour Photos – 4cm x 6cmYour
  • Original PassportOriginal
  • Proof of Address – Rental Contract or Yellow Tabian Baan and a signed photocopy
  • Copy of the
    • Photo page in your passport
    • Visa stamp in your passport
    • TM6 (Departure) card in your passport

You should sign all copies in blue ink across the image, not on a blank part of the document. If you sign a blank part of the document someone could cut away your signature and use the rest of the document elsewhere.

We can help you to get a Thai Reseidence Certicate in a few hours for Thai driving licence , Thai bank account in Pattaya .

Just supply us with all of the above and we will take care of it for you. You can hand the required documentation into our office in Pattaya

Make a Appointment for Thai Residence Certificate in Pattaya



    Immigration DepartmentPrice/thb
    NON B Visa (Non Immigrant Visa In Thai Immigration)23,000
    1 Year Business-Visa7,000
    Retirement Visa & Renew Retirement Visa (Starting from)7,000
    NON O Visa (Starting from)7,000
    Marriage Visa (Starting from)7,000
    Education Visa / Student Visa / ED Visa (Starting from)13,000
    Continue Tourist Visa for 30 Days ( Only for TR hold a 60-day visa into the country)3,500
    Continue Of Staying Longer than 90 Days500
    Re-Entry Multiple5,000
    Re-Entry Single2,000
    Residence Certificate1,000
    Apply Travelling Abroad-Visa Fee (Excluding Visa Fee) 15,000
    Renew Passport ( Only English and Iceland) only Service fee not include Passport application fee 5,000
    Visa Translation Services
    English Document Translation
    400-500 thb
    France Document Translation
    1000 thb
    Bench Warrant Translation

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