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Our Company Visa Services include legal assistance in obtaining any Visa in Pattaya Thailand, Guardian Visa ,Marriage Visa , Education Visa , Retirement Visa ,  NON B Visa ,  Investment Visa , Work Permit, Thailand Permanent Residence Visa. 



The Guardian visa is for the parent of Thai child or the parent/s or legal guardian of a foreign child who is studying in Thailand. Minor child in Thai law is one who is 20 years old and below.  In the case of a foreigner parent supporting his/her Thai child, the visa is valid for a year but can be renewed after the visa’s expiration. For the parent accompanying her minor child who is studying in Thailand, his/her Guardian visa will depend on the validity of her child’s student visa or duration of the child’s studies

visa services pattaya
visa services pattaya


If you’re legally married to a Thai citizen you can apply for a one-year Non-immigrant visa “O” (based on marriage), often wrongly referred to as “marriage visa” (while it is actually an “extension of stay based on marriage”). To qualify for this type of visa, your marriage needs to be officially registered in Thailand a mere ceremonial marriage at a temple or a “common law” marriage is not recognized by the Thai government or family courts.


An education visa in Thailand is issued to allow the foreigner the opportunity to mainly study the Thai language or take up other similar courses at an accredited language school in Thailand. The Education Visa is for foreign students, who wish to study in Pattaya Thailand. A student must apply for this visa outside of the country. It is normally valid for 90 days. Education visa students will study a minimum of 15 hours per week (or 180 hours during the 90-day visa period).

visa services pattaya
visa services pattaya


A retirement visa is issued to applicants aged 50 years or above wishing to take take up residence in Pattaya for at least one year. As the name suggests, a retirement visa (“O-A” Long Stay) does not entitle the holder to engage in any form of work. A retirement visa as it is commonly known doesn’t really exist. Instead it is actually a non immigrant O visa that is extended for 1 year on the basis of retirement. That said, it is normally referred to as a retirement visa so for this explanation that is what we will call it!


Thailand or more specifically Pattaya is a perhaps one of the most enjoyable places in the world to work, with its friendly people with their low stress (but efficient) attitude to solving problems and getting the job done. To legally work in Thailand need a NON B Visa, a foreigner must apply for a work permit. Work permit is a legal document that states a foreigner’s position, current occupation, or job description and the Thai company he is working with. It also serves as a license to perform a job or an occupation allowed for foreigners inside Thailand.

visa services pattaya
visa services pattaya


The Non-Immigrant IM Visa (investment visa in Pattaya) can be applied for by foreigners that have invested an amount of at least 10M THB in Pattaya for Thailand. The government introduced this visa (again) to attract foreign investment in the country. This was previously done in 1997 to compensate for the poor economic situation during the Asian Financial Crisis (at the time, the ceiling of the investment amounted to 3M THB). Foreigners that currently live in Thailand with this visa can still renew it every year, but since October 2006, no other (old) investment visa can be issued.


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