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Getting a Car driving license in Pattaya is not difficult. One may even wish they made it more difficult to get one when they see how bad a lot of Thai drivers are. However, it is very important to get one after moving to Thailand. Traffic police routinely set up roadblocks to stop motorists and check if their license and vehicle tax are in order. Having a Car driving license in this situation will mean that one is back on their way in under 30 seconds.

To drive car in Pattaya, Thailand, you must apply for driving permits and obtain a physical card. If your home country driving license is limited to automobiles, you must still take the written and driving tests to obtain your Thai Car Driving License.

What do i need to get a car driving licence.

Our Company require from you the following to change your foreign car driving licence to a Thai driving licence :

  • Medical Certificate
  • Residence Certificate or Work Permit
    We can help you to get a Residence Certificate proof of address either at your local Immigration office.
  • Passport
    As stated above, you’ll need to hand over copies of all the important pages in your passport: info page, current visa, latest entry stamp, embarkment card. You should of course have a valid non-immigrant visa. There are conflicting reports online of people being able to get a Thai driving license on a tourist visa. If you’re here to work in Thailand as an Iglu employee, that of course wouldn’t apply to you. But if others happen to be reading this, don’t be surprised if you run into trouble trying to get one on a tourist visa.
  • Valid Car Driving License or International Car Driving Permit
    The whole process will be much easier if you have a valid driving license from your home country or International Driving Permit. If the license is not in English, then you’ll need to get a translation from your embassy. You’ll need photocopies of the front and back of your license or copies of all pages of an International Driving Licence.

Just supply us with all of the above and we will take care of it for you. You can hand the required documentation into our office in Pattaya

Make a Appointment to get a Car Driving Licence

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A driver’s license is a great idea for long-term foreigners staying in Thailand. The police can issue tickets if you don’t have a license, so it’s important to have one. Additionally, if you have an accident without a license, your insurance may become void. Moreover, possessing a driver’s license entitles you to discounts at certain museums, parks, temples, and places where foreign tourists are often charged more than Thai people.

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Renew Car Driving License Pattaya

These are the documents you need for Car driver license renewal:

1) Your old Thai Driving license,

2) Health verification letter.

3) Passport.

4) Digital copies of the QR codes for your video training and license renewal appointment


We have competent consultants with extensive knowledge and practical experience in Thai car driver’s license applications and renewals. We are ready to give you consultancy services, mostly if you are a foreigner looking to obtain a Thai car driving license. With our help, you will understand everything you need to know about Thai traffic rules and the procedures you need to proceed with.


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