If you have an extension of stay or simple permit to stay (of a tourist or non immigrant visa), but would like to travel outside Thailand for a short period then you will need to apply for a Re-Entry permit.

If you wish to cross a land border let’s say Cambodia or you wish to leave Thailand via the airport you must obtain a re-entry permit or risk losing your long stay visa!

The re-entry permit is designed to protect your visa so if you leave Thailand when you return your visa will still be intact and you will have no fear of it being taken away.

If you do not have a re-entry permit when you arrive back in to Thailand the Thai Immigration officer will disregard your old long stay visa and stamp you with a visa on entry meaning you will have to start the whole process again of obtaining a non immigrant visa and extension.

When you have a one year visa and you think you may be leaving Thailand then it is advisable to obtain a re-entry permit in advance of traveling just in case you need to leave quickly or you have an emergency.

The Thai re entry permit is offered in two formats a single entry permit and allows you to travel one time.The second is a multiple entry permit which allows you to go in and out of Thailand as many times as you desire and lasts until the expiry of your visa extension, a multi entry permit.

The multiple entries seem to be the favorite amongst expats residing or working in Thailand.

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