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Driving legally and owning a driving license proves to be extremely useful, especially if you are an adventurous type of person. All foreigners are curious about a driving license in Thailand. Once you fulfill all the requirements and apply for it, authorities will grant you the right to drive across Thailand and discover all the breathtaking places you have only seen in photographs. However, a regular Thai driving license offers fewer benefits than an international driving license in Thailand. This article will discuss important facts you should know about an international driving license in Pattaya and how to apply for and obtain an international license in Thailand.

We will further discuss the procedure for getting an international license in Pattaya, Thailand. You can apply for and obtain a Thai international driving licence quickly and without high costs. If you plan to settle down in Thailand but are also passionate about traveling, the international license in Thailand is the perfect choice for you.

The International Driver's License translates your official government-issued Thai driving license into 29 languages, making it simple to use and easy to understand for both English and non-English speakers. You can show the International Driver's License to officials in foreign countries to help them interpret your driving license.

Most major insurance organizations accept this license.

Renting a car can be valuable as well if you need one. In fact, many countries require an International Document in order to rent a car. In Europe, many travel officials claim that some countries require the International Driving Document more than others, but it is advised to have one.

Thailand residents can use their Thai driver’s license to apply for an international driving license in Pattaya :

Once you successfully pass the test and receive your Thai driving license, you are free and eligible to obtain your Thai international driving license. The Department of Land Transport issues a list of the documents required for every foreigner who wishes to apply. You will need to submit these documents.

  • two passport-sized photographs that are not older than six months
  • authorized photocopy of your passport
  • non-immigration visa Thailand
  • residency certificate that states information about your address in Pattaya Thailand
  • work permit for Thailand ( if you have )
  • authorized photocopy of your Thai driver’s license

Authorities will ask you for these documents. You will have to present them to an official working at the Department of Land Transport offices across Thailand. The official will check your application and release your international driving license in Pattaya. The whole process should not take more than one hour.

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international driving licence pattaya

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