Our Driving School in Pattaya is to teach everybody driving techniques to enable them to become safe, smart drivers. No two people are identical, so we have created a unique variety of driving instruction packages.

Driving courses Available from 8am – 8pm every day.

Teaching principles

  • New Teaching methods help students learn faster, we teach to drive confidently
  • Our driving teachers have over 10 years experience.
  • Hourly driving lessons in, theory and practice.
  • Off public road teaching to allow basic driving skills to develop, before venturing out on the public road.
  • We teach you how to confidently control the the direction of the car.
  • Extensive braking and stopping distance lesson to teach you how to brake safely, park on a slope and other potentially awkward situation.
  • Manoeuvre the vehicle in awkward situations, narrow road and intersections.
  • We teach you essential knowledge of the Traffic rules and highway code and allow you to practice what you have learnt out on the main road.
  • We will guide you to successfully passing your driving test as laid down by the transportation department.

Driving Courses prescribed by the Ministry of Education.

  • We will give you training of the Traffic laws regulations, as well as causes and prevention of accidents.
  • Car maintenance training and replacing inserting spare tires.
  • After the study (driving) and training traffic rules is finished. The school has Certificate Approved by the Ministry of Education.

Driving School Fees in Pattaya

Driving Lessons in Pattaya available every day using Automatic or Manual transmission from 08.00 – 20.00.

Regular and Extensive Driving Courses available in Pattaya and surrounding areas.

English Speaking Courses

Choose a regular english speaking driving lessons package that suits your budget and skill level – 1 hour or training each day

  • 10 hours 4,500 Baht
  • 16 hours 6,500 Baht
  • 20 hours 7,500 baht (Guarantee that you can drive)

Plus application fee 50 Baht

Thai Driving Courses

If you would like to pass your driving licence as soon as possible then why not take our extensive driving courses which will allow you 2-3 hours a day practice and tuition. (These prices are for Thai speaking students)

  • 10 hours 3,800 Baht
  • 16 hours 5,800 Baht
  • 20 hours 6,800 baht (Guarantees that you can drive)

Plus application fee 50 Baht

Special - Education Ministry Program

Graduate with a certificate of tuition from the Education Ministry

Theory + driving practice 22 hours 7,800 baht

List for Driving School Document

Personal driver’s license must be 18 years old and public license must be 23 years old.
1. Copy of house registration and ID card
2. Medical certificate
3. Passport (for international driving license only)
4. For foreigners, they must have a certificate of residence from Immigration Office and hold a NON Visa Only


  • Time is counted only for the time you are learning.
  • Additional driving time can be purchased at 400 thb per hour if required.

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