Our Company offers and provides assistance to open a Thai account in Pattaya

Opening a Thai bank account in Pattaya offers several benefits but foreigners often find themselves having a difficult time opening one or are unsure of what they need to be eligible for an account. We’ve provided the required documents to open a Thai bank account and a list of banks that are the easiest to open an account with minimal documentation.

Thailand has about half a dozen major banking companies that you could choose to open an account with. Some banks are not going to let you open an account if you’re here on a tourist visa. They may require you to have a non-immigrant visa and a Thai work permit before you can open an account.

If you have come to work in Pattaya, then it makes the most sense to wait until your work permit is issued before attempting to open a account.

The Benefits of Open a Thai Bank Account

  • No ATM Withdraw Fees / No more 220 baht charges!
  • No Conversion Rate Fees / No more loss due to 3% conversion rates, whether from an ATM withdrawal or from currency exchange.
  • Access to Thai Debit Card / Issued as a Visa, a Thai debit card opens up opportunities for cashless transactions and online purchases. Keep in mind that cards branded with “Electronic Use Only” are limited to in-store purchases.
  • Transfer Funds In and Out of Thailand / Have means to transfer funds from your home country that are accessible in Thailand.

Our Company have arrangements with various banks in Pattaya and can make this process very easy, saving you time and frustration. So whether your looking to retire in Pattaya, or just stay for an extended time get in touch and we will help.

The good news is that you can get a Thai bank account quite easily, with a tourist visa. Sure, anyone with a work permit and passport can get an account at any bank. But what can we say about the person who lives here for 3-12 months and wants to save money and be able to buy items without being charged a 3% charge for the credit card?

Just supply us with all of the above and we will take care of it for you. You can hand the required documentation into our office in Pattaya. 

Complete the form to inquire about opening a Thai bank account/ Company Bank Account Pattaya

    Requirements to Open Personal Account

    Thai Bank Account Pattaya

    • Passport
    • Visa (non-immigrant VISA) or identification documents issued by the government of the country of the nationality such as national ID card, driver’s license, House Registration, etc.
    • Documents per the objectives of entering Thailand : 

             – Work in Thailand : Documents showing permission to work in Thailand, such as Work Permit

             – Retirement in Thailand : Proof of address in Thailand such as house / condominium rent contract, water / electricity bill, etc.

             – Study in Thailand : Certification letter issued by school or educational institution

    We can help you to open Personal Thai Account or Company Bank Account in a few hours in Pattaya .

    Just supply us with all of the above and we will take care of it for you. You can hand the required documentation into our office in Pattaya


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