Ed Visa Pattaya Student Visa Pattaya Education Visa Pattaya

The Education Visa is for foreign students, who wish to study in Pattaya Thailand. A student must apply for this visa outside of the country. It is normally valid for 90 days. Education visa students will study a minimum of 15 hours per week (or 180 hours during the 90-day visa period).

Ed Visa Pattaya Student Visa Pattaya Education Visa Pattaya

An student visa in Pattaya Thailand is issued to allow the foreigner the opportunity to mainly study the Thai language or take up other similar courses at an accredited language school in Thailand.

Our Company offer a range of ED Visa services. Learn Thai or the English Language with an Education Visa in Thailand, have fun meeting people and obtain a new skill with a Visa for 1 year. Due to the shortage of long stay visas available for foreigners under the age of 50 years and not working or married to a Thai National the ed visa is deemed as a perfect way of learning a new language and also spending time in Thailand. We can enroll you at a reputable language school where you can learn Thai or English following the official government courses. Other options also available, please contact us.

When you have and Education Visa you are required to stay in Thailand, if you would like to leave Thailand in this period, you are required to get a Re entry Visa, you can choose single or multiple re-entries.

Procedure For Student Visa

To start the process of obtaining an education visa you must first visit a school that is registered by the Thai Ministry of education, you must choose the course you wish to attend and then pay the fees required by the school.

The school will or should know the correct documents you require to start the process and help you obtain your first 3 month Non Immigrant education visa.

The ed visa can only be obtained from a Thai consulate outside of Thailand normally from a neighboring Country like Laos or Cambodia.

Please complete the form on this page and give us some details so we can let you know which type of Education Visa / ED Visa is best for you.

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