Convert driving license in Pattaya Convert a Foreign License to Thai Driving License in Pattaya

You can convert your international driver’s license or driving licence from your country into a Thai driving license at the Department of Land Transport Office. In fact, if you live in Pattaya, it is better to have a Thai driving license rather than only holding an international driving license.

It is important to note that in Thailand, one must specifically hold a license for the category of transportation they wish to operate, rather than converting their foreign license into a Thai one. This means that a motorbike license and an automobile license are considered separate documents. Additionally, the Thai driving license is commonly recognized as a valid form of identification and eliminates the need to constantly carry your passport while operating a vehicle.

Why convert your license into a Thai one?


In addition to the legal factor and the insurance coverage mentioned earlier, converting your license into a Thai one offers a few important advantages:

  • If you live in the Land of Smiles, it will certainly cost you less to have a local license than to continuously renew your international one;
  • A Thai drivers license is often accepted as an official document and will save you from always carrying your passport with you;
  • By already having a license from your home country, getting a Thai one is fast and easy and you won’t have to pass a theoretic or practical exam;
  • A Thai license is also valid in another 10 countries that make up ASEAN.


Our Company require from you the following to change your foreign car or motorbike  driving licence to a Thai driving licence


  • Passport
  • Original driver’s licence from home country (in English language OR with an official translation certified by your home country’s embassy)
  • Proof of residence (work permit with residential address OR a certificate from either Thai Immigration or your home country’s embassy)
  • Medical certificate (no older than 1 month)


Just supply us with all of the above and we will take care of it for you. You can hand the required documentation into our office in Pattaya

Make a Appointment to Convert Driving Licence

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A driver’s license is a great idea for long-term foreigners staying in Thailand. The police can issue tickets if you don’t have a license, so it’s important to have one. Additionally, if you have an accident without a license, your insurance may become void. Moreover, possessing a driver’s license entitles you to discounts at certain museums, parks, temples, and places where foreign tourists are often charged more than Thai people.

Convert driving license in Pattaya How to Convert a Foreign License to Thai Driving License in Pattaya


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