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Marriage Visa Pattaya

MARRIAGE VISA PATTAYAMARRIAGE VISA PATTAYA / NON O VISA PATTAYAObtaining a marriage visa in Pattaya, Thailand, typically involves a process that allows foreigners to stay in the country for an extended period based on their marriage to a Thai national. Keep in mind that immigration rules and requirements may change, ... Read More
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Tourist Visa Pattaya

TOURIST VISA PATTAYATourist Visa Pattaya Tourist VisaThis visa is for a foreigner to be allowed to stay in the Kingdom of Thailand as a tourist for a period that is not longer than 90 days. You can apply for this Visa at the Thai Embassy of your current residence. Mostly, ... Read More
May 14, 2024admin

Visa Services Pattaya

Visa Services PattayaVisa Services PattayaWe are a professional Immigration and Visa agency with many years of experience. We help foreigners who want to live legally in Thailand, either in the short or long term, to obtain a Thai visa . Our Company Visa Services include legal assistance in obtaining any ... Read More
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NON O Visa Pattaya

NON O VISA PATTAYAVisa Services Pattaya NON O visa pattayaNon O Visa in Pattaya are issued to dependents of non-immigrant visa holders working for government associated agencies and non-profit or public organisations including retired persons or persons who originally held Thai citizenship, medical treatment and sports training according to government demands, ... Read More
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Guardian Visa in Pattaya

GUARDIAN VISA PATTAYAGUARDIAN VISA PATTAYA / NON O VISA PATTAYA The Guardian visa is for the parent of Thai child or the parent/s or legal guardian of a foreign child who is studying in Thailand. Minor child in Thai law is one who is 20 years old and below. In the ... Read More
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