Company Registration in Pattaya

We can help you register your business, notify the tax authorities you have a new company, notify the revenue department and obtain you tax ID for your business. When your business takes off we can also help if you need to register for VAT.

Setting up and running a company in Thailand can be complex and frustrating. It’s a different culture, a different language and a very different way of getting things done! Many have started this process but have given up for these reasons. With our staff at your side we remove the stress factor making the process straight forward and simple.

We provide a start-up consultancy service with operational support services to entrepreneurs and corporations who want to establish their business in Thailand. We can set up your company, take care of legal matters, deal with your accounting, provide you and assist you in the acquisition of your business visa, work permit and permanent residence.

Our lawyers can help you with the following:

  • Company Share Structure
  • Shareholder Transfer Agreement
  • Corporate Tax
  • VAT Registration
  • Personal and Company ID Tax Cards
  • Share Certificates
  • English Translation of Documents
  • Tax & Accounting Services

Our Company Administration Services can help you with increasing company capital, changing company director, closing a company, add a new branch of the company, adding company objective, changing company shareholders and changing company name.


Company Registration Options

When setting-up a business in Thailand, you have the choice over what type of organization to establish. These are the company registration options in Thailand

1.Thai partnership 

2.Thai representative office 

3.Thai limited company

For a private Thai limited company, a minimum of seven shareholders or promoters is required to register the company. Except for some business activities where 51% of the company should be owned by Thai nationals, foreign nationals can own a private limited company 100%. Where ownership is divided between Thai nationals and foreigners, only a maximum of 49% shall be allowed to be owned by the investing foreigners.

Thai Limited Company is the most popular business structure in Thailand due to the simple set-up process and the protection it offers to its shareholders. The below infographic outlines the step by step company registration process as well as it provides an overview of the general requirements.


Company Name Registration

The name you chose for your company must not be identical to/or resemble the name of any pre-existing registered partnership or company. Certain terms are also prohibited from use in company names. For example, you may not use the term “investment” in your company name but the term “capital” is allowed. The company name must end with the word “Limited”.

It is recommended that you reserve three names ranked by priority to maximize the chances of success. Your company name will be registered in Thai language, even if the name of your company is in English. Do not propose a name that is lengthy or difficult for non-English speakers. Remember that your clients will have to write it, so the more complicated the name then the more mistakes your clients will make when drafting checks, etc.

The name of your business can be different from your company name. You can also use the same name for several companies proved that you accompany that name with a different figurative word. For example ABC Trading Ltd, ABC Holdings Ltd, ABC Capital Ltd, etc. Once approved, the corporate name is only valid for thirty days and no extension is permitted. This means that Step Two of the company registration process must be completed within this period of time.


Tax Registration

Every company in Thailand must register for corporate tax and usually VAT. If your Company generates below a specified income, then it is not required for you to file for or pay VAT – this we can advise you upon. The Thai taxation system is fairly simple and with the right guidance from us it is fairly trouble free.

Taxable companies should obtain a tax ID card and number for the company from the Revenue Department within 60 days of incorporation. The same tax number will appear on the VAT certificate and on the taxpayer ID card, which are normally obtained on the same date when the application is filed. The VAT certificate, however, will be mailed separately to the company’s registered address.

Company Registration
1 Million Baht Company Registration
2 Million Baht Company Registration
3 Million Baht Company Registration
4 Million Baht Company Registration
for Over 4 Million Baht Company Capital Registration + 5,500 Baht per Million )
Increase 1 Million Bath Company Capital
Increase 2 Million Bath Company Capital
Increase 3 Million Bath Company Capital
Increase 4 Million Bath Company Capital
Changing Company Director
Changing Company Address
Add Company Branch Address
Add Company Objective
Changing Company Shareholders
Changing Company Director & Shareholders
Changing Company Name

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