The Non-Immigrant IM Visa (investment visa in Pattaya) can be applied for by foreigners that have invested an amount of at least 10M THB in Pattaya for Thailand. The government introduced this visa (again) to attract foreign investment in the country.

The country of Thailand has long been an attractive location for foreign investors seeking to take a piece of thriving international business and trade that flourishes in Bangkok. Thailand’s economy is consistently very strong, and rests on major exports such as rice, textiles, fishery products, cars, computers, and jewelry. In addition to its lucrative benefits, Thailand also offers beautiful scenery, tranquil countryside, a bustling metropolis, delicious cuisine, and a unique cultural heritage that is showcased in local markets, fairs, and festivals.

This was previously done in 1997 to compensate for the poor economic situation during the Asian Financial Crisis (at the time, the ceiling of the investment amounted to 3M THB). Foreigners that currently live in Thailand with this visa can still renew it every year, but since October 2006, no other (old) investment visa can be issued.

The amount of 10M THB may seem high, but with the prices of a new condominium easily amounting to 250,000 THB per square meter, this minimum is usually reached rather easily.

Moreover, the law does’t require one investment of 10M THB thus a combination is possible as long as one invests in:

  1. The purchase or rent of a condominium for a period of no less than three years issued by a relevant agency or government
  2. The form of a fixed deposit with a Thai bank, under the condition that Thai nationals hold more than 50 percent of the shares, or
  3. Purchase of government or state enterprise bonds

Make a Appointment for Investment Visa

    The following documents, each page signed by the applicant, will be requested when applying for this visa:

    1. Completed and signed visa application form
    2. A non-immigrant visa
    3. A fee of 2,000 THB for a single entry visa and 5,000 THB for multiple entries
    4. Passport or travel document with a validity of at least six months (and 18 months in case of application for a one year valid visa)
    5. A recent photograph of the applicant (4 x 6 cm)
    6. Documents proving an investment(s) of at least 10M THB in Thailand after October 25, 2008 (e.g. Foreign Exchange Transfer Form, a bank statement or a Sale and Purchase Agreement)
    7. A letter from  Thailand’s Board of Investment
    Investment Visa Pattaya

    If it would be impossible to provide one of these documents, a letter should explain the reasons why. Note that all documents should be translated into English (in this case, the documents should be notarized by a diplomatic or consular service) or Thai.

    The investment visa is in principle only valid for 90 days and has to be used within three months after receipt. A multiple re-entry visa is valid for one year and can in any case be extended as long as the investment is maintained.


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