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Thailand or more specifically Pattaya is a perhaps one of the most enjoyable places in the world to work, with its friendly people with their low stress (but efficient) attitude to solving problems and getting the job done. To legally work in Pattaya Thailand need a NON B Visa, a foreigner must apply for a work permit.The permit is a legal document that states a foreigner’s position, current occupation, or job description and the Thai company he is working with. It also serves as a license to perform a job or an occupation allowed for foreigners inside Thailand.

Foreigners entering Thailand are not permitted to work, regardless of their type of visa, unless they are granted a work visa. Those who intend to work in Pattaya Thailand must hold the correct type of visa to be eligible to apply for a permit.

To secure a work permit in Pattaya Thailand, a foreigner needs an initial visa, which is a non-immigrant visa. The non-immigrant visa must be obtained before entering Thailand.

Once the foreigner has a NON B Visa, he may begin to process the work permit. The permit process would take 7 business days to accomplish. The permit application is processed in the Ministry of Labor office.

A foreigner is eligible to apply for a NON B Visa as long as he has a non-immigrant visa or a resident visa, has an available employer who will provide documents for permit, and the occupation he will perform is not prohibited to foreigners.

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    In Thailand, any job requires these valid requirements – Permit & Business Visa for Pattaya – the authorities often perform checks to ensure that the specified activity is in line with the actual one. If the discrepancy is confirmed, a fine is issued and repeated violations will lead to deportation.



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