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To legally work in Thailand, a foreigner must apply for a work permit. Work permit is a legal document that states a foreigner’s position, current occupation, or job description and the Thai company he is working with. It also serves as a license to perform a job or an occupation allowed for foreigners inside Thailand.

Foreigners entering Thailand are not permitted to work, regardless of their type of visa, unless they are granted a work permit. Those who intend to work in Thailand must hold the correct type of visa to be eligible to apply for a work permits.

To secure a work permit in Thailand, a foreigner needs an initial visa, which is a non-immigrant visa. The non-immigrant visa must be obtained before entering Thailand.

Once the foreigner has a non-immigrant visa, he may begin to process the work permit. The work permits process would take 7 business days to accomplish. Work permit application is processed in the Ministry of Labor office.

A foreigner is eligible to apply for a work permit as long as he has a non-immigrant visa or a resident visa, has an available employer who will provide documents for work permits, and the occupation he will perform is not prohibited to foreigners.

Pattaya Work Permit – Requirements

The applicant has to submit the following documents:


  • 2 inches photo
  • medical certificate
  • original passport
  • letter of employment
  • certificate of degree
  • address in Thailand

The employer has to provide the following documents:

  • company certificate and objectives
  • list of shareholders
  • application for VAT
  • withholding tax of the company
  • financial statement
  • photocopy of the director’s passport and work permit with signature affixed
  • office map
  • letter of employment stating position and salary of applicant
  • employment agreement

Make a Appointment for Work Permits

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Apply for a work permit renewal

In order to extend your work permit in Thailand, it is necessary to first extend your period of stay in the country. Failure to do so will result in the inability to request a work permit extension or remain in Thailand legally. The final page of your work permit contains a notification outlining four regulations and corresponding penalties.

When renewing your work permit in Thailand, you must provide the same documents that were initially submitted when applying for your work permit visa. To renew your Thai work permit, you are required to fill out the renewal form either in Thailand or abroad, and submit it to the Immigration Department, Thai Embassy, or Consulate. Additionally, you will need to include copies of your work permit, a letter of recommendation from your employer, the company’s registration documents, and financial statements.



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