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Our Company offer professional assistance a wide range of business operating licences, from Business Operating Licence, Alcohol Licence or Bar Licence, Restaurant Licence, Hotel Licence, Music Licence,Gaming Licence for Darts, Pool Etc, House Rental Licence, Trademark Registration, and Tourism Licences. We take the hassle out of the bureaucracy. Our Company have staff available that understand your business needs and are fluent in English so you will be fully understood.

Setting up a business in Thailand may require a license or permit depending on the category of your business. If your business activity is regulated by a government body, the application may be complex and time consuming. It is suggested to seek advice and help from an experienced legal firm when applying for such permits. Some of the regulated activities which require specific licenses are tourism, school and childcare, liquor, medical, food and beverage industries.

A business licence permits the company to conduct certain activities and is issued by the Thai government department or agency within. The licenses can be applied for once the company has been registered with the Ministry of Commerce. To provide you with a quick guideline on the types of licenses in Thailand, below are the most common forms of business registrations in Thailand and their related licenses:

Restaurant Licence and Bar Licence

Starting a restaurant will require a food license from the nearest district office. The place where the food and drinks will be sold must be a fixed place of business before the application for the license can be submitted. There will be an inspection of the premises by the government authorities before the approval is granted. Serving liquor will require an additional permit called an “alcohol license” This permit is granted by the local Excise department. There are certain timings to be followed for the sale of liquor in Thailand. These licenses will be granted for a period of 1 year and must be renewed annually by the company.

Hotel Licence Pattaya

The hotel licence application process is time-consuming, and it is thus wise to work together with an office experienced in this matter. You are required to obtain the hotel license as soon as you have at least one room rented out on a daily basis, whatever name is used (hostel, guest room, apartment or others).

The license has to be renewed every five years, and then half price of the government fee will have to be paid.

The documents to be provided mainly consist of the construction permit, map of the interior, landlord documents, map of the location showing that there is no school or temple in the surroundings, and of course the company documents.

Business Licence Price

City Hall, district Office & Excise Department
City Hall Department & district Office & Excise DepartmentPrice/thb
Restaurant License5,000
Sale of cigarettes and alcohol License5,000
Music Licence12,000
Gaming Licence (Pool Dart’s etc)CONTACT US
Marriage registration ( Thai & Foreigner)3,000
House Registration3,000
Trade Registered1,000
Rental license15,000
Advertising Tax Payment Service ( Non Include Tax Cost)2,000

Tourism Licence Pattaya

The travel and tour guide business is regulated by the Tourist Business and Guide Act. Before engaging in the tourist business, one has to apply for a TAT license (Tourism Authority of Thailand) with the Tourist Business and Guide Registration Office.

Tourism Department
The Tourism DepartmentPrice/thb
Apply & Continue The Tourism License ( Excluding Fee & Transport)5,000
Add Company Branch in The Tourism License ( Excluding Fee & Transport)5,000
Changing Company Address in The Tourism License ( Excluding Fee & Transport)5,000
Changing Company Name in The Tourism License ( Excluding Fee & Transport)5,000

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