All legal entities registered in Thailand have a legal obligation to prepare and keep accounts (this includes limited companies, registered partnerships and even foreign juristic persons conducting business in Thailand). Failing to do so is a criminal offence and any wrongdoing in this regard may result in a penalty amounting up to 200,000 THB.

There are many steps involved both before and after an audit report has been prepared and it is important that you as a company choose a service provider that is wholly transparent with their pricing of the entire process, not just the minor task of having an audit report crafted and signed.

Our audit package includes all that you need and can be summarised as follows:

  1. Accounting (general journal, general ledger and trial balance)
  2. Making the financial statement and submitting it to the revenue office
  3. Filing the corporate tax and submitting this to the Revenue Department (PND 50) and the Department of Business Development
  4. Post-audit processes (described below)

Make a Appointment for Annual Audit


    Before the auditing process can start, the company to be audited must submit these documents, we will gather the documents for you:

    • Income and expenses for the year (the government receipts plus the form PND 1, 3, 53; PP 30, 36; Por Tor 40, and Social Fund for Jan – Dec)
    • Bank statement  for every corporate bank account (current, saving account)
    • Inventory (if any)
    • Stock Cards
    • Lease agreement
    • A copy of any title deeds the company might have acquired when purchasing land
    • Annual Audit for the previous year (Financial Statement, Auditor Report, PND 50 including General Ledger, Trial Balance and Assets Register)
    • Company Seal
    • Half Year Report (PND 51)


    There are several requirements that need to be fulfilled after the audit report has been signed. The post-signing processes are also covered by our auditing package:

    1.  After the audit has been completed we will send a copy to be reviewed and signed by a director in your company
    2.  If you have any taxes to pay we will inform you of this and once we receive a cheque or cash payment from your company, we will settle your dues with the Revenue Department
    3.  After the auditor has signed the Audit Report, the company must:
      • Advertise in a local newspaper announcing to the public that there will be a meeting of shareholders
      • Send a formal invitation to all shareholders  (within seven days)
      • Create minutes of the meeting
      • Finish all formal requirements within 30 days of having the audit report signed by an auditor

    As is evident from the description above, the process takes some preparation and time, so don’t hesitate to contact us about your firm’s annual audit.

    Annual Audit Services Price

    Accounting Service - from 2,500 thb

    Accounting ServicePrice/thb
    Monthly Accounting (Starting Document From 1-30 List)2,500
    Monthly Accounting (Documen Not More than 50 List) 3,000
     Monthly Accounting (Documen Not More than 75 List) 4,000
     Monthly Accounting (Documen Not More than 100 List) 5,000
     Monthly Accounting (Documen after 100 List) 6,000
     Monthly Accounting Recording – Accounting software Starting From (Base on Document) 500
     Consultant Annual Personal taxes and Preparing PND. 91, 90 1,000
     Annual Balance sheet & Auding ( Non Movement Company) 9,500
    Auditing Service
    Auditing ServicePrice/thb
    Annual Auditing (0 – 2 Million Baht Company Capital Registered)15,000
    Annual Auditing (3 – 4 Million Baht Company Capital Registered)17,000
    Annual Auditing (5 – 10 Million Baht Company Capital Registered )20,000
    Annual Auditing (For over 10 Million Baht Company Capital Registered + 3,000 Baht per Million )25,000
    Closing Company (Starting Price From)25,000
    Annual Auding – Juritic Person ( for No more than 100 Unit)15,000
    Annual Auding – Juritic Person (From 100 – 500 Unit)35,000

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